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night terrors is a story detailing ambrosia harlow's experience with a recurring night terror - one focusing on ambrosia being stalked and kidnapped by a mysterious beast. 

with the advice of a friend, ambrosia has decided to admit themself to a psych ward in order to be treated for these terrors - thought by the hospital staff to be related to hallucinations instead.

rumour has it among the patients of the psych ward that a monster - very similar to the one ambrosia has witnessed - has been spotted around the ward. another rumour, less popular, is that this monster is responsible for a select few patients going missing.

as time goes on, ambrosia notices strange things occurring while they're awake... things that make them suspect that this monster isn't just a night terror.

this is my first completed visual novel but the second one i have worked on! it doesn't have many choices and it only has one ending, but i hope you enjoy your time spent playing/reading!

music/art/story was made by myself!

there are no jump scares in the game, however as the beginning will warn you, there are flashing lights later on in it!

Updated 11 days ago
Published 12 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenreVisual Novel, Survival
Tags2D, Dark Humor, Horror, LGBT, Singleplayer, Story Rich, supernatural, Survival Horror, TyranoBuilder


night terrors (mac).zip 101 MB
night terrors.zip 101 MB


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hey, how do i download it for mac?

Tearzah has created an amazing world of fantasy and terror, they have built it through the years, but this is the first time we have seen a finished narrative work ... And it's better than I have ever imagined!

In Night Terrors we meet a lot of characters, and all are very well portrayed. In this psych ward, people have issues with their own mental health, but instead of defining them, this is just another characteristic of them, and this helps the player empathize with them better. This is a breath of fresh air in a world when the media does not know how to portray mental health issues and romanticizes them, demonizes them or simply uses them as simple tropes.
Night Terrors is a short story but the narrative is very well written, the interest rises with time perfectly and at the end, we can only say: "wow, I want more of this!".

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which one is compatible with windows 10? none of the links work for me ; o ;

Hey so I had the same problem too! I operate on windows ten and I was able to get it it work. Download the file that has the apple icon, not the one that's supposed to be for windows. It doesn't have mac in the name it's the second one down and says specifically night terrors .zip. Extract the file and play! Hope that helps!

will you ever make a mac build? also what software did you make this with?

about to try it right now <3